Equine Periodontal System

Item # 0165002

The Equine Periodontal System is used for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and endodontic procedures in horses.
• High speed handpiece with an equine extension
• Air / water handpiece with both short and long extensions
• Air abrasion handpiece with an equine extension
• Vacuum handpiece
• Can be operated using Nitrogen or Oxygen

• Nitrogen regulator may be purchased separately
• Mobile cart may be purchased separately

Included are the following accessories and supplies:

1 Air Abrasion Handpiece
1 High Speed Extension
1 High Speed Drill
1 Long Syringe Tip
1 Short Syringe Tip
Vacuum System
1 Box StarFill 2B™
1 Bottle OptiBond Solo™ Plus 
Applicator Brushes

1 4-pack Etch Gel
5 Fissure Burs (FG 558)

5 Ball Burs (FG 8)
5 Aspirator Tips 
1 Prophy Jet Powder 
1 Doxirobe Extension Syringe
1 Package Cotton Rolls
1 Bottle High Speed Handpiece Oil
1 Instruction Manual

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